How it works



  • Use anytime, anywhere
  • Eliminate cumbersome paperwork
  • Cost effective materials designed for K-12 and higher education 
  • Access to over 94,000 standards-based items from Certica’s Navigate Item Base
  • Automatic score calculation
  • Compatible with existing assessments
  • Incorporate a variety of question types including multiple choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank, and essay
  • Easy peer-to-peer collaboration
  • Stored electronic images of all digitized assessments
  • Individualized student data through advanced analytics
  • Promotes data driven instruction


  • Improved learning outcomes
  • Access to an online portfolio of work
  • Targeted instruction based on specific insights
  • Quick feedback on assessment performance
  • Anonymous QR codes enable unbiased evaluations when needed
  • Enhanced feedback including embedded images and hyperlinks
  • Access to assessments anytime, anywhere via internet enabled desktop, laptop and tablet
  • Written assessments can be easily scanned into the Markezy system using any scanner

access to the Navigate Item bank from certica solutions

Markezy provides access to the expansive Navigate Item Bank curated by the subject-matter experts at Certica Solutions. This flexible, standards-based collection includes over 94,000 items covering a variety of subjects and grade levels. Trusted by 1,500 U.S. school districts – and other schools around the world – these formative assessment items help teachers develop effective, equitable learning opportunities.

Innovative items and the most up-to-date standard alignments, curated by Certica’s team of subject-matter experts.

Contact our U.S. office by mail at:  Markezy, 593 Storrs Ave, American Fork, UT 84003

Contact us by phone: (801) 800-0049